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Suitable location and favorable climate

Razdelnyanskiy district is located in 30 km from Odessa to the North. It borders with Belyaevskiy, Ivanivskiy and Velikomihaylovskiy districts. On the Western border it adjoins the territory of Moldova. The territory of the district equals approximately 1350 square kilometers.

Изображение природы

Tourism as an engine for region development

This region is famous for its water resources. From one side it is washed by Dniester river,  from the other – by Khadzibey estuary. This water richness creates lots of tourism opportunities not only for citizens of the district but for tourists from other countries as well.

Изображение природы

Richness of historical legacy

Since the foundation of the district in 1932 Razdelnaya village was its center. Then, in 1957 this settlement achieved a status of city. There are 86 settlements in the district, which population reaches approximately 56 000. The population of Razdelnaya is 17 300 people.

Изображение природы

Large and developed transport network

Razdelnaya city is a big train junction which connects this district with the Odessa Sea port. This gives an opportunity for export corn to other countries. A huge passenger train station is present as well. From here you can get not only to Kiev or Odessa but to Moldova as well.

Accommodation, food and kitchen

The widest choice of places for temporary accommodation and  rest for you and your family. Diversity of Southern kitchen among with the mastery of local cooks will please even the experienced travellers.

Razdelnianski district provides a wide variety of choice for temporary accommodation and rest for you. Every traveler will be able to find a place ideally suited for his  tastes and needs. Suitable location and developed transport infrastructure allows to get to any object in the shortest time with ease.

While admiring and enjoying the beauties of nature of Southern Ukraine it is impossible not to get hungry. On the territory of Razdelnianski district you can satisfy your hunger in one of numerous institutions that provide a various menu with best traditions of local kitchen.

Meals of the Ukrainian kitchen found its popularity all around the world. Different flour products (donuts, dumplings, cake layers, etc.), products and dishes from meat (the Ukrainian sausages, cold appetizers, game, bird etc.), vegetable and dairy products (fermented baked milk, cheesecake), various drinks from fruit and honey have wide popularity.

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There is always plenty of activities in our district! Inveterate fisherman, hiking fan or riding attendant – everyone will find favourite hobby in any season of the year!

Notes for tourist

While travelling new places it is always useful to know few handy contacts. They will help you in unforeseen situations. Here are some of them!

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