German Church
December 21, 2014 / Activities

German churches were situated in Zelci (now Limanskoye). The one that was in the center of the settlement was spacey and the other which was built near the graveyard was much smaller. Smaller church though had a huge and deep cellar where the first prior was buried. It later became a tomb. Both churches were catholic because the settlement was German. Pupils and teachers of the Limanskoye general school in the end of their long lasting research had came to conclusion that the big church was built around 1901-1902. However this is an unconfirmed information. Some settlers say that this building appeared in 1808. They motivate that Germans who lived in Zelci couldn't live without a church for more than 100 years.

About the district

Since the foundation of the district in 1932 Razdelnaya village was its center. Then, in 1957 this settlement achieved a status of city. There are 86 settlements in the district, which population reaches approximately 56 000. The population of Razdelnaya is 17 300 people.

This region is famous for its water resources. From one side it is washed by Dniester river,  from the other – by Khadzibey estuary. This water richness creates lots of tourism opportunities not only for citizens of the district but for tourists from other countries as well.     


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