St. Nicholas church of Razdelnaya
December 21, 2014 / Activities

St. Nicholas church in Razdelnaya was founded in 1901. As Razdelnaya was a small settlement,  the church was constructed quite small. Despite of its size the building appeared very distinguished and harmonic. Construction works were funded by Railroad. St. Nicholas is a protector of travllers. In the beginning of XX century Razdelnaya gradually becomes a railroad station of the first category, thus the name of the church had been chosen on purpose, as well as the location: near the station. This allows the church to be always in the center of citizens' life. Parish school was also present at church. Romanovich Ipolit Nikolaevich was a prior at that time. He was honored by the audience of the Emperor Nicholas II. In 1904 Nicholas II with his wife Aleksandra Fedorovna had arrived to Razdelnaya and visited St. Nicholas church where he awarded the priest with a nominal gold watch for diligence and service.

In 1911 the Emperor visited Razdelnaya for the second time. This time he was accompanied by his son, hire of the throne, Aleksey.

In the beginning of XX century the prior of the church, father Ipolit dies from typhus in the age of 44. His tomb is situated in the church's court. After his death the church remained closed for years. During the occupation church was opened again, however it had lost its greatness due to the severely damaged floor. It had been operating till 1950s and was again sealed till 1990s. Before that ,  the church's building was taken by the library. District House of Culture was situated in the nearby house, where later on a Pioneer House was established. Only in 1990 according to the decree of the first secretary of Razdelnyanskiy district committee, Sergey Rafailovich Gritsenko (later – governor of Odessa region, and currently – deputy of the Parliament), church was returned to the real owners.  For reconstruction of the church a young and active priest was required; thus by the will of Christian community on 29th of August 1990 current mythrophoniy Petr Moakimoich Dutchak had become the new prior of the church. The reconstruction of the church lasted six years.

Big amount of help was provided by the craftsmen from the Western Ukraine. On 14th of January 1991 the first ceremony took place.

Odessa region, Razdelnaya

Privokzalnaya str. 14

tel. (04853) 3-11-54

About the district

Since the foundation of the district in 1932 Razdelnaya village was its center. Then, in 1957 this settlement achieved a status of city. There are 86 settlements in the district, which population reaches approximately 56 000. The population of Razdelnaya is 17 300 people.

This region is famous for its water resources. From one side it is washed by Dniester river,  from the other – by Khadzibey estuary. This water richness creates lots of tourism opportunities not only for citizens of the district but for tourists from other countries as well.     


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