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Nature of Razdelnyanshina is mainly represented by different herbs, xerophile species, from which most frequent are lucerne, euphorbia, sage etc. From semi-bushes the most numerous is the Austrian  wormwood. Natural wood vegetation is almost absent. Only on certain areas of Northern hills small thickets of bushes are still present. General area of district's forests is 6180 ha. To protect soil from dry winds and erosion, as well as roads from snow skids, linear planting has become a common practice. This process had its beginning in XIX century but the majority of planting was planted during 1940-1950s. Different types of trees grow there: maple, white and yellow acacia, nut, apricot, sweet cherry, mulberry, poplar, dogrose, etc. Soon this forest stripes has become sanctuary for grey partridges, forty, quails, crows, larks and other birds.

One of the district's features is the complex of Hadzibeysky estuary which can brag of rich structure of flora and fauna. On the Razdelnyanshina territory the unique botanic wildlife area “Kostyanskaya balka” exists. “Kostyanskaya balka” - wildlife area created in 1993 on the square of 22.7 ha. On the wildlife area territory remains a substantial variety of vegetation, approximately 18 species of vascular plants marked in the Red book of Ukraine and the Red list of Odessa region. Moreover, on the wildlife area territory vegetation groups from Green book of Ukraine can be met. White-tailed sea eagle, steppe eagle, swans – white and clack, aesculapian snake are marked in the Red book.

On the territory exists the 'Rodnaya priroda' company. 'Rodnaya priroda' complex is situated in the wildlife area only in 33 km from Odessa in Yegorovka village. Wildlife area is located in the forest area near a huge lake. 'Rodnaya priroda' realizes program for provision and development for species of wild flora and fauna which is natural only in this small and beautiful part of Ukraine: horses, bears, fallow deers, mouflons, boars, ducks, pheasants, guinea fowls, peacocks.

About the district

Since the foundation of the district in 1932 Razdelnaya village was its center. Then, in 1957 this settlement achieved a status of city. There are 86 settlements in the district, which population reaches approximately 56 000. The population of Razdelnaya is 17 300 people.

This region is famous for its water resources. From one side it is washed by Dniester river,  from the other – by Khadzibey estuary. This water richness creates lots of tourism opportunities not only for citizens of the district but for tourists from other countries as well.     

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